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‘His school will be open every day, excepting Sunday and Saturday evening, from the rouse bugle to the breakfast one, from 11 o’clock till dinner hour; and after dinner till evening parade, from 1st October to the 1st of April, the winter season, for two hours before taptoo. At the intervals, when for one hour the school is not likely to be occupied by the men of the regiment, the schoolmaster is to give instruction to the children; this to be regulated by circumstances &c. by the commanding officer for this occasion.’

Regulations for the Rifle Corps. Formed at Blatchinton Barracks under the command of Colonel Manningham 25th August 1800

The Shorncliffe Lectures

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Volume 2 - Prelude to Waterloo

Adam’s Light Brigade (52nd, 71st & 95th Rifles) in the Netherlands (1813-1815)

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Using original sources, this second volume of the Shorncliffe Lectures follows the experiences of the Light Brigade (52nd and 95th) in Sir Thomas Graham’s British Army in Holland (1813-1814). These famous light regiments were trained at Shorncliffe and were a mixture of new recruits and Peninsular veterans from the famous Light Division under the likes of Craufurd.

In 1815, these were joined by the 71st to form Sir Frederick Adam’s Light Brigade in the second (Clinton) Division who formed the Wellington’s Reserve at Waterloo and were among the most seasoned British Regiments on the field that day.

In addition, there is included the Standing Orders of Major General Sir Frederick Adam in the important months between the formation of his Light Brigade and the start of the Waterloo Campaign. He also instructed that all his officers would memorise the first three sections of General Robert Craufurd’s Standing Orders for the Light Division. For completeness, the complete instructions by Craufurd are reproduced in full. The chronology from 1812-1815 demonstrates clearly the strategic overstretch of the British Army.