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A sample of our past events

Upcoming Events and Projects

The Shorncliffe Trust is currently planning numerous high profile fund raising events over the next 5 years. Shorncliffe has a unique history that is inseparable from world history events and their effects on ordinary people

Current Project

The Shorncliffe Military Lectures 2016 – 19th November 2016 Shorncliffe

Future Projects

Commemoration Death of Sir John Moore – 21st January 2017 Sandgate

Lawrence of Arabia – Jordan 2017   tbc                      

Talavera Cup – Shorncliffe – 2017 and then annually

‘Shorncliffe redoubt has the unique attribute of being the original home of the modern British Army. It is here around 1802 that Sir John Moore and others set up the training camp which trained the world famous 95th Foot and then introduced the light infantry methods of fighting to whole regiments for the first time. The scale of light infantry training was really a world first and Shorncliffe could therefore be seen as a World Heritage site. Its importance is immense and rather than destruction, should merit restoration of the remains, and some sort of heritage trail which would undoubtedly draw welcome visitors to the area.’

Gareth Glover Military Historian